Billy and Ami

Billy and Ami

The story begins with these two incredible human beings…

For thirty-one years their life of adventure has led them to places few have even dreamed of. From the open sea and far away ports, to the high mountain gold fields in some of the most remote places left on Earth. They are pioneers in a modern world. Both true adventurers, explorers and always, every step and new discovery standing side by side.

Their home, nestled at the head of a high mountain valley surrounded by the snow capped peaks of Alaska’s’ rugged mountains, is one of their great loves. Ami takes pride in her outdoor garden where she grows vegetables and her greenhouse attached to the kitchen where she grows herbs and flowers. In their area of the bush Ami is known as an authority on what to grow, when and how.

Her expertise extends further than her garden. Homeschooling is another subject Ami is extremely knowledgeable in. Over the years she has compiled enough of the, what works, what doesn’t work, material to be collated into a book she is hoping to complete this winter.

For over ten years Ami has been testing, measuring and perfecting her longest project to date, her cookbook, Put Something Wild on Your Plate, which is now in the final stage of edit and will be released this fall.

Most of the year their time is spent in their second home, their boat, where the galley puts off the smell of Ami’s fresh dried herbs hanging over the stove. When they’re aboard their boat Ami exchanges her gardening and cooking skill for charts and maps. From almost thirty years ago when Ami reading a tide book to guide them through their first harbor, to present she has displayed a nack and natural understanding of navigation. Onboard she is the undisputed navigator.

The art and history of navigation is a subject she has studied extensivly. To her a good read when relaxing is on the subject of celestial navigation or modern charts comparison to the seasonal shifts of the stars. Her personality seems to be personified by her answer when asked what place would you most like to see. “I find my happiness in the journey. The destination is only another starting point.”

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