As any who loves the outdoors knows, from observers to photographers and hunters, camo is one of the most important things you need to see nature in its true form. As someone who has seven kids knows too well, outfitting camo can be quite expensive. An outfit of well made breathable camo is a wonderful thing and extremely efficient. Even so, you shouldn’t over look the basic older forms of camo. Our Native Americans made camo with wolf hides and skins. Looking like the natural animals that were there, enabling them to get close enough for their bow shot. All successful hunters in our history have used some form of camo to ambush or stalk.

I tried to show in this video how to make extremely effective camo with the simplest of things. I started with a twelve dollar poncho and a handful of string. Before the hunt, I had one of my kids put the poncho on. I found this to be a lot easier than trying to lay it out and keep everything straight. While on one of the kids, I would pinch a small portion of the poncho and pull it out about an inch. Then tie a piece of string around it, knotting it tightly and leaving about six inches of the string hanging down. Over and over I do this until I have strings hanging down every four or five inches all over the poncho. Be sure to leave the strings on the shoulders a little longer so it will lay right when you apply the next step.

This step is where the old timers had an advantage over modern day. Today we have to have seperate camo for every area and season we are hunting in. With the camo I’m showing you today, that problem is solved. Take your poncho with all your string hanging down and head to the area you’ve chosen. Take a little food and water, but as far as camo you won’t need anything else. When you get to your area look around at everything growing there, the way it grows and what is growing beside it. Try to find a pattern of different plants that are grouped together. When you do, take a couple of limbs or twigs from one group and tie them onto one of your strings. Use grass and branches at least a foot long, so after they are tied they stick out from the poncho. Keep doing this until your poncho is covered. With a base covering like this tied on, it is then easy to stick and weave even more onto the poncho. In fifteen or twenty minutes, when you put your poncho on and you stand or sit by a tree or rock, you are a bush.

For arguments sake I must add, modern camo is comfortable and breathes well. This camo is not that comfortable and even on a cool day its hot. Modern camo does not have bugs, this camo does, but, all things considered, this camo works. I’ve had animals walk five feet from me and never knew I was there, and you know you’ve done it right when a bird almost lands on you. Be sure to take account of the wind, be sure its always in your face. You’ll see more game with a small breeze in your face than you will on a calm day. Better to blow your scent away, rather than have it gather around you and remember, if you’re on even the smallest of hills, your scent goes down.

Be sure to check back on the web-site from time to time. We have a lot more to add as we work our way up to modern camo.

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