Gabriel Brown

Gabriel Brown

Like the strength of a lighting bolt, son number 4…

Gabriel is the fourth son. The family moved onboard their first fishing boat when Gabriel was three months old, giving him a strong bond with the ocean.

When at home in the mountains, like his brothers before him, by thirteen he could hunt, fish and track as well as any grown man. Even a chore as hard as putting up wood, Gabriel will do with a smile. One of his pride and joys is his Stihl chainsaw.

His confidence and inner strength enables him to truly enjoy life’s simple things. At a young age Gabriel found the wisdom to enjoy each day of life, which he still does today.

In his early teens he began to draw the animals and world around him. Through the years he has developed into a true artist and aspires someday to grow into a portrait painter. A few years ago he began studying sign language which he has become extremely proficient at today.

Like the rest of the family and most Alaskans, Gabriel’s car is his sixteen foot Lund skiff with a 40 HP Yamaha outboard. It’s the sports car and truck of the water world all rolled into one. To Gabriel it’s second only to his Yamaha snow machine.

Onboard the family boat, Gabriel, like Solomon, works the deck, fish hole and gear. Long after everyone else is in their bunks Gabriel and Solomon are still in the fish hole cleaning and icing fish.

When he was asked where he would most like to go, he simply answered, “It doesn’t matter as long as a sailboat takes me there.”

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