Joshua Brown

Joshua Brown

The second child generally gets the benefits of what was learned with child number one. However, he taught us all…
Joshua (Bam Bam) is the second born son. In his early years he fit his name, Bam Bam, perfectly. He would go until he was so tired he would just lay down and go to sleep wherever he was. He was one of those want to see, want to do everything kind of kid.

He too, by the age of ten or twelve had already become proficient with the ways of the forest, hunting and tracking were natural to him.

When home in their forest cabin, Joshua can be found doing Ti Chi on the hill behind their home, hunting, fishing or propped by his favorite tree overlooking the stream, reading a book. Onboard the boat Joshua’s the boson. He is the go between, between the wheelhouse and the deck. He, like the skipper has to watch everything on the boat and make sure everyone is coordinated.

With Joshua you never have to wonder where you stand, he will tell you plain and quick. He’s comfortable alone and has his way of doing things. He always showed a knack for electronics. At the age of about fifteen he was introduced to computers. His understanding of them has even passed his understanding of the forest and the sea.

He like all of the family has a great love for the unknown and the unseen. When asked the question, “What place would you most like to see?” Without knowing his answer was the same as his das’, “Any place I haven’t seen.”

Whether in the forest or onboard their boat, his camera is always carried with him. He has always had a photographers eye. The pictures or moments in time that he takes are an art form of expression of the world around him.

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