Matthew Brown

Matthew Brown

The first child is always the experiment… training the parents…

Matthew broke his first tooth chewing on a beaver rib as Billy and Ami rowed their canoe down a remote river in the bush country of Northern Alaska. From an early age he was one of those kids that could make a friend in a matter of minutes and keep them as a friend for life.

He started fishing, you could say, at the age of four or five where he would watch the radar and help steer the boat sitting in his das’ lap.

By the time he was ten he was already an avid hunter and fisherman. By thirteen he was as good a first mate as any grown man in the fleet and could read a trail through the deepest forest. Electronics and navigation came easy for him as well, he had grown to love the ocean and had a nack for finding fish. At about ten he started drawing pictures for his das’ books and found he had a talent for that as well.

When something breaks on the family boat or around the cabin, it’s usually Matt that figures out how to fix it, mainly without the right part or most of the time having to make a part out of something else to fit it with. The normal bores him quickly. He can read Egyptian petroglyphs and Sandscrit, he also has a quick mind for the mechanical.

His personality fits the first born, he tries to look after everyone else putting their feelings above his own, he prides himself in the fact of any problem incountered, he can solve.

Onboard the boat Matt runs the deck. He’s first mate to the crew, trusted to keep everyone safe and he’s in charge of all of the gear. While the gear soaks Matt juggles. He can juggle anything, bouyes, lures, it doesn’t matter.

Like his mom and da before him, adventure runs deep in him. The unknown, the unseen, the corner where few have been. This was his answer when asked, what place would you most like to go?

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