The Books

The Books

Experience The Stories First Hand

Read the incredible life experience that spanned over 25 years of living, loving and raising a family of nine while surviving the harsh elements and wild grandeur of the Alaskan wilderness. Lose yourself in time while struggling for survival in the wild Alaskan frontier.

One Wave At A Time

“One Wave at a Time” tells the true story of Billy Bryan Brown, and his family. It describes the maturation process that makes Billy the man he is today, what brought him to Alaska, and why family is his anchor.If you’ve ever wondered what it takes to live life in the Last Frontier or dreamed of a land far away, or what it means to truly be Free… this is the book for you.

 Read Some Excerpts from “One Wave At a Time” here…

The Lost Years

“The Lost Years” tells the story of Billy Bryan Brown as he lives the 10 years prior to the Alaskan experience discovering himself, his purpose and the person who would share in the rest of his life.”Billy woke one morning finding himself a penniless orphan becoming a ward of the Texas court.”

 Read Some Excerpts from “The Lost Years” here…

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