Solomon Brown

Solomon Brown

Then came number three…

Solomon Freedom is the third born son. From the time he first learned to walk he was happiest in the deep forest. His summer months, when the family is home in the mountains, is spent hunting, fishing or anything that puts him in the forest, that is so much a part of him. His great peace is found in the wildness of the animals and land.

To Solomon, hunting for meat is a job that he does. When the meat locker is full, his true sport begins, he hunts without his gun. It’s still with him for protection, but he doesn’t take a shot. He likes to see how close he can get to an animal or how long he can watch before they know he’s there.

A crowd to him is one person more than his family. His respect for nature is matched only by his respect for honor and truth. Surprisingly, for someone who loves the forest so much, it seems his second love is the ocean. The same peace he finds in the wildness of the forest, he finds also in the sea. Onboard their boat Solomon works the deck and the fish hole. He cleans, stacks and ices the fish. When the lines are going in, he runs the gear, a first rate deckhand in every way.

Of all seven kids Solomon is the only one who has broken anything. When he was only five he broke his leg only inches from his hip. For almost three months he was in a body cast from his chest down. With something so traumatic happening to one so young, you would think it would have made him careful and reserved. With Solomon it was the opposite, he became fearless and full of confidence.

In the winter he rides his Artic Cat snow machine. In the summer , like all of his family, his car is his Lund skiff with a 40 HP Yamaha outboard. Both of these, like everything else he does, he drives and rides to the extreme.

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