A truly inspirational adventure book

I absolutely loved this book! An incredible adventure! I feel like I have now been to Alaska and the hair on the back of my neck is still standing straight up since reading how Billy went face to face with the bear!

It is so nice to know that there are still families out there that believe in living their dreams; that love each other undconditionally and stand by each other no matter what. A true inspiration!

This book…no, this family made me laugh out loud and cry like a baby through-out the book.

Gayla R. Missett

Inspiring memoir!

This is a beautiful and inspiring story of a man’s courageous quest to follow his dream in the Alaskan wilderness — always with the loving support of his family. Often facing great dangers and hardships, they continued to strive for that elusive goal. This would make a great movie! I recommend this book for wholesome family reading. My heart goes out to this wonderful family!

K. Mohror

A Life of Adventure and Courage

Most people live comfortable, if mundane lives – going to work, raising families, making ends meet. Billy Bryan Brown and his family took a decidedly different path, living a life of adventure and challenge that almost staggers belief. From criss-crossing the country doing odd jobs to living off the land on a desolate island to skippering a fishing boat in Arctic waters to prospecting for gold in Alaska, Brown’s life exemplifies the independent spirit and wanderlust that our pioneering forefathers knew, but that has been largely lost in our structured and regimented modern world. Perhaps the real hero of this story is Billy’s plucky wife, who experienced all the excitement, danger and hardship at his side – and pregnant most of the time (the couple have seven children).

While subsequent editions of the book would benefit from proofing and editing to correct some spelling and grammatical issues, readers should not be deterred from reading the book. Its message of empowerment, determination and family bonds, in the context of a rip-roaring adventure tale, make this a great read.

Keri G. Mohror
Alexandria, MN

Amazing story, hurry with the movie!

I met Billy when he gave a talk at our Exchange Club meeting, bought the book and absolutely loved it. I have talked to the publisher and told him it has to be made into a movie. I would be the first to buy a ticket. Good luck Billy Bryan Brown family!

B. Britt
Mt. Juliet, TN

Must Read

I literally couldn’t put this book down. I was captured from the first chapter to the last page. This is an incredible story of an Alaskan family surviving on the land, their hard work and devout faith and love for each other. I now have to visit Alaska!
This book would make a great Christmas gift!

Angela Sullivan

The spirit of a place and time

I had the pleasure of reading this book right after it was published. I couldn’t put it down once I had cracked it open! The adventures, tests and trials the Brown family survived were a testament to how powerful love and determination can be in the face of huge experiences – some wonderful and some so frightening that it seems impossible to fathom. The Browns are truly an amazing family. They are close-knit – not just out of necessity, but out of an authentic, unwavering devotion to each other.

When Billy Brown lost his parents and sister as a teenager (as if that wasn’t bad enough) then to top off the horror, the Texas court system, his father’s advisors and business partners failed the boy miserably, taking anything they could get their greedy hands on, he could have completely shut down, immobilized by what I can only categorize as a most justifiable anger. Instead, he embarked on the journey of a lifetime – one which I have to say I envy – even during the overwhelmingly hard stuff.

One thing I noticed throughout the entire read was the unabashed love the man has for his wife and kids. He has a right to be proud of them all. They are a force of love, purity, and innocence in a world gone mad with trivialities. Billy Brown and his beautiful family are a treasure in and of themselves. He has taken me in my dreams to the vast Alaskan wilderness and has shown me the majesty of her nature, the value of family and the capacity of the human spirit for unity, survival and continuation. My hat goes off to them and my heart goes out to them.

To Billy: You did good. Your legacy will continue through the amazing family you’ve shared with us and the life stories you have left with us. In a nutshell, theirs is a story not to be missed!

Karen S. Roof
Nashville, TN, USA

Tremendous and Heartwarming

If you have never read a book you could not put down, you need to start reading “One Wave At A Time.” This is one tremendous and heartwarming true story of one man’s tragedy, saga, perseverance, survival, and the sheer will to live and provide for his close knit family. Each of the heart-stopping chapters would make a wonderful book.

If you think you have problems, read this book and you will be thankful that your problems are just minor. I am thankful that this man put his story into print. My heart and admiration goes out to him and to his family.

Dean Northcut

Amazing and Fascinating Story!

This autobiography is one of those “can’t put it down” reads, yet each chapter is strong enough to stand alone. 13 Chapters of situations in the life of a man, woman and their 7 children living in the deepest wilderness of the bush of Alaska and aboard tiny fishing boats in the unforgiving Alaskan waters!!

To read of the near maniacal-like quest of a scared and desperate young boy, born into wealth,suddenly orphaned and reduced to a state of homelessness at 16 as he tries to fill the void inside is in itself captivating.

But the real story begins when he, with a wife and two toddlers end up stranded for 18 months on a desolate island off the shores of Alaska, where he begins to find his way as a man is absolutely one of the most incredible stories I have ever heard or read…and that is only chapter one.
How he,his wife, and now 7 children, after 20 plus years of living in the “bush” staving off bears, wolves and moose, while surviving sub-zero winters to emerge victorious is beyond my wildest imagination.

What a story…what an inspiration…and what an ending!!!

A MUST read for nearly anyone!!

Dennis J. Nelson
Nashville, TN
Average of 8 Ratings: 5 stars
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