The Lost Years

The Lost Years

The Lost Years

Billy spends the 10 years prior to the Alaskan experience discovering himself, his purpose and the person who would share in the rest of his life.

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This book Billy tells the fantastic true story of his life before he finds his Ami and before they found Alaska. At sixteen years old, living a fairytale life in an affluent Fort Worth suburb with a loving mom, dad and sister. Billy woke one morning finding himself a penniless orphan becoming a ward of the Texas court.

Over the next decade of Billy’s life, this book takes you on his search to find himself and what he lost. In a blind pursuit trying to recapture what he had as a child, it unfolds into an adventure few could even imagine. Through darkness and light, crossroads, choices made and the consequences of those choices. From a castle to a tropical beach, to Canada and Alaska. From privilege to a drug cartel. From lost and alone to loved and secure.

This is a story of dreams, adventure and the proof that no matter how dark ones’ life becomes, one can be saved and dreams can come true.

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